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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Welcome to Breakspear Medical Group's blog!

Breakspear Medical Group is a private day clinic specialising in allergy and environmental medicine.

We're inviting anyone who has experienced allergies, multiple chemical sensitivities, chronic fatigue, or any other environmental illnesses to post their experiences and/or thoughts on our blogspot.

To submit a message, click on "comments" at the bottom of this message and Blogger will give you the prompt to "Leave your comment".
Recently this blogspot received a message from an anonymous commenter who expressed some concerns over the cost of the services Breakspear Medical Group provides. We’d like to address the concerns personally, but as there weren’t any contact details, we’re unable to.

However, as editor, I thought that I might just say that anyone who finds a significant price difference between any laboratory tests performed at Breakspear Medical Group and anywhere else in the UK should talk to us about it. If there is a significant price difference, it is most likely because they are significantly different tests.

Because in the UK we’re used to universal healthcare, it always seems very costly to have to pay for anything in the private health sector. Breakspear’s doctors prescribe a treatment programme on an individual basis and act with the patients’ best care in mind, admittedly without considering the costs. Each patient is given a patient management programme sheet after the initial consultation and before any treatment is given. This sheet explains what the doctor feels is the best line of treatment and care. If patients have any questions or need to seek advice on how to reduce costs, we have a dedicated Patient Liaison Manager to help. We have standard billing procedures and set prices for consultations and treatments. We also have a Credit Controller who will investigate any billing concerns.

Breakspear Medical Group is a family-run business with dedicated staff and has been in business for over 30 years. The company is driven by the passion of the Medical Director to help people with chronic conditions using treatments for allergy and environmental illnesses which are not available elsewhere. Breakspear has the only Manufacturing 'Specials' License laboratory in the United Kingdom producing these custom-made, unpreserved antigens. We offer quality tests and treatments that we feel are unequalled in our field of specialty medicine.


  • At 13 October, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi I have Fibromyalgia and I am in pain most days it would be great to have at least one day pain free I will definetly be getting in touch to see if you can help with my problems, as my GP thinks all the pains I have are in my head and that I am depressed and need antidepressants. I am fedup and a bit down with the pain but that is a far cry from being depressed.

  • At 16 October, 2006, Blogger Webwriter said…

    Dear suffering from Fibromyalgia,

    We are very sorry to hear about your pain and discomfort. Please come to see us as I'm sure that there is something we can do to help!

  • At 31 October, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…


  • At 31 October, 2006, Blogger Webwriter said…

    Dear Tony,

    You might wish to have a look at

    It is a registered charity (run by supporters of Breakspear Hospita) that helps with funding for eligible patients.

    If you wish to apply for assistance, write for the application forms.

    Good luck!

  • At 15 November, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I booked an appointment with Breakspear in the belief they can help me get a diagnoses and treat a condition after I was infected with an STI earlier this year. I was treated ad cleared of the STIs but shortly after finishing the antibiotics, came down with a glandular fever like illness. For some months I believed Id contracted either Syphilis or HIV but have been cleared of both now at 7 months I recovered after that but have since relapsed several times and now suffer permanent neuropathies and other pains in the internal organs and more symptoms. Im convinced I have an infection, but a lot is made of "post viral syndromes" in relation to both CFS and Multiple Sclerosis, and the more Ive read the more these conditions seem to fit my symptoms (mine seems more like early MS than CFS)

    My question is how can anyone distinguish the difference between these two diseases when it seems they are the same except for grades of potential severity? Are the approaches used by Breakspear for treating these two conditions different? and what about diagnosing?

    Also I have read with interest that more and more scientists seem to feel that two particular viruses may be responsible for MS namely HHV6 and EBV.
    I had hoped to get IV Glancyclovir treatment if my condition is this possible at Breakspear?
    It seems to me that MS and CFS are potentially contagious too, and not enough is being made of this, after all i was fine until that incident.


    J Fernandez

    PS sorry I had to cancel my appointment its simply that once I recieved guide cost for treatment it seems out of my reach at present...seeing my GP Friday to see if i am any further towards egtting diagnostic work done on NHS.

    Dr Yoeh was very helpful to me, in an initial discussion thank you.

  • At 03 January, 2007, Blogger Webwriter said…

    Dear J Fernandez

    At Breakspear, we feel that the reason there has been a number of reported links to various infectious agents with both CFS and ME is because people who are susceptible or suffer from these infections have a lowered immune system, either as a result of the infection or a precipitating cause of getting the infection. (It may well be both as they can perpetuate each other.)The end result is a lowered immunity but the clinical syndrome that forms is different.

    For patients attending Breakspear, we would do blood tests for a range of infections to see which infections in particular may be causing the persistent load of infection. These may be treated with antivirals depending on the titres (concentration) of antibodies found.

    The other important aspect of treating ongoing viral/chronic bacterial infection is building the immune system using various nutritional therapies.

    (Originally posted 24 November, 2006)

  • At 07 January, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Never rely on the credibility of advice from a sufferer you don’t know well. You have no idea if they have been correctly diagnosed with M.E., no idea if they have tested the treatment for efficacy (by stopping and starting taking it and monitoring the effects) and no idea if months from now (unbeknownst to you) their remission will end and they will be forced to admit that the treatment didn’t really work and that it was in fact a natural remission that caused their improvement; and not the treatment they so strongly and convincingly recommended to you.
    Advice on symptomatic treatment or relief is usually far more reliable and useful than treatment suggestions for things which will supposedly greatly affect the general illness severity level (due to the propensity in M.E. for natural remissions and improvements in the general severity level of the illness).
    If a friend recommends something to you (particularly a treatment which is meant to improve the whole illness rather than just to minimise certain symptoms), and you know they have M.E. and it really does seem as if this treatment is legitimately helping in some way it can be helpful to write down the treatment and then to ask them again in 3 or 4 months time if they are still experiencing the same improvement (as often this will not be the case).
    Never rely on treatment recommendations which came from your friend’s brothers neighbours second cousin twice removed (or similar) who supposedly had ‘just what you have’ and who ‘recovered completely’ and is now ‘back working full time’ because of treatment x. Such ridiculous stories should always be treated with the contempt they deserve. There is a very strong possibility these people never had M.E. …but there is an even stronger possibility that they never existed at all! (The treatments recommended are always the most mundane things too, well known over the counter products, or simple diets etc. as if people as desperately ill with M.E. and the doctors who have devoted decades of their lived to treating M.E. patients wouldn’t have tried all the simple stuff first! Again, if it was that simple nobody would still have M.E., and certainly not severe M.E.).

    i found this helpful guide on the net to treatments and it says anything which costs lots of money is a scam and dont trust testimonals, there is no cue for M.E and if there was it would be available to sufferers. so how do i know this is not a scam? are you claiming to cure every ME sufferer?

  • At 09 January, 2007, Blogger Webwriter said…

    Dear anonymous,

    As editor, I thought I would drop a few lines of my thoughts in response.

    CFS/ME is a condition that until recently most GPs didn't really believe exists. The term "CFS" is used an umbrella term, which means that not everyone suffers from all the same symptoms and requires exactly the same treatment.

    You're right to advise not to take a friend's doctors advice, which was intended for your friend although there may be some common sense tips which may help most people feel better. An example of this is to eat a well balanced, healthy diet.

    It is no secret that there are costs involved with treating CFS/ME at Breakspear Hospital. This is because each case is treated individually, with many tests run to find the cause(s) which might be infectious agents such as Epstein-Barr virus, Parvovirus B19 and bacterial, rickettsial and parasitic organisms, we run test to determine the specific nutritional deficits and, of course, then there is the cost of the doctors’ time to develop an individualised treatment programme.

    Breakspear Hospital has been successfully treating many CFS/ME patients for many years. We do not claim to cure every CFS/ME sufferer; however, we are confident that our doctors’ recommendations can help. Because Breakspear Hospital is a private hospital, we wouldn’t still be in business after 25 years if we weren’t doing something right!

  • At 12 January, 2007, Blogger Webwriter said…

    (From Dr C Yeoh)

    Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you for your thoughts on this matter. I would agree on many of the points you have made.

    In the first instance, the diagnosis ME or CFS is simply a label for a a collection of symptoms constituting a syndrome. Therefore, both the symptoms and the causes of the sufferer's syndrome can be very varied.

    What is known of chronic fatigue syndrome is that it is a
    condition of multifactorial aetiology, and that these factors also do not occur singly, but in combination thus leading to a range of symptomatology.

    As a result, people can have very different definitions and experiences of the illness.
    Therefore, any proclamation for 'cure' to 'ME' must be examined and broken down carefully, before a
    decision is made as to whether it would help.

    Similarly, when we assess people with ME, we look at the range of potential problems and address these
    individual problems simulataneously or in stages.

    It must be noted that, in the
    conventional medical diagnostic approaches, ME/CFS is a clinical diagnosis rather than one supported
    with laboratory testing. That is, it is a clinical picture with the exclusion of other 'obvious' disease. There are, however, availalbe test to show objective biochemical abnormalities that can present in the fatigue sufferer.

    The major underlying problem in CFS is immune dysfunction- ie a suboptimally working immune system. The immune system is a dynamic organ system, always changing
    according to our internal and external environment. As such, relapses occur and various treatments might help at times and not others.

    Testimonials simply offer information on what has helped others, and the potential is there for what might help you, too. Breakspear Hospital does not claim to have a cure for CFS. We are offering a chance to investigate the number of potential abnormalities in CFS (allergies, mitochondrial dysfunction, toxic overloads, nutritional deficiencies etc). If these are detected, we offer the necessary treatments.

    Dr Christabell Yeoh
    Breakspear physician

  • At 12 January, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    thank you for the above answers to my questions, do you think there will ever be a single cure for M.E? and I have read that omega-3 can help greatly, is this true?

  • At 15 January, 2007, Blogger Webwriter said…

    Dear anonymous,

    The webwriter has spoken with Dr Yeoh, and quotes her as saying, "No, there will never be a single cure for ME. The best treatments are multi-modal. Yes, omega-3 can help a lot but is also by no means a single treatment."

    Hope to see you at Breakspear soon!

  • At 02 February, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hi there,

    I am a prospective patient at breakspear for ME/CFS. was just wondering if anyone here is BEING treated for ME OR HAS RECOVERED fr. ME at breakspear and won't mind sharing with me their success/failure stories. my email is thanks so much.

  • At 02 April, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…


  • At 10 April, 2007, Blogger Webwriter said…

    Dear burning mouth syndrome sufferer,

    The symptoms that are produced the in the ‘burning mouth syndrome’ are due in part to autonomic responses. Gustatory sweating, nausea, dry mouths are all due to reactions of the autonomic nervous system. My opinion is that food sensitivities are frequently the trigger of such autonomic responses. Food sensitivities, also known as masked or delayed food allergies, are often due to the common foods in one’s diet, which may include chemical residues on food such as pesticides, preservatives and colourings.

    Nutritional deficiencies have also been linked to this syndrome and could contribute to some of the symptomatology- burning, fissured sore tongue for example. Oral thrush has also been associated with this condition and can cause some of these symptoms.

    I would suggest having allergy testing to a range of common foods and then the allergies/sensitivities could be treated using low dose immunotherapy.

    It would also be prudent to also check for nutritional deficiencies and yeast infections.

    It may interest you to know that at Breakspear Hospital, we can test autonomic functions (see on our website), and it may be appropriate to do so if a further medical history suggests it.

    Dr Christabelle Yeoh
    Breakspear physician

  • At 11 April, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear Breakspear Team

    If you could tell me more about your treatments I'd be most grateful.

    Do you offer treatments similar to Enzyme Potentiated Sensitisation therapy?

    Also, do you offer any talking therapies in addition to the nutritional, physical and other treatments offered, as part of individuals' treatment plans?

    Thirdly, could you direct me to any outcome literature in support of your treatment approaches?

    My interest is in professional burnout and CFS.

    Kind thanks

  • At 11 April, 2007, Blogger Webwriter said…

    Dear professional burnout and CFS inquirer,

    I have forwarded your question regarding whether Breakspear's treatments are treatments similar to Enzyme Potentiated Sensitisation therapy to our medical team. I have also asked them to write about additional therapies available.

    Meanwhile, for more information about the CFS treatments and services available at Breakspear, please visit On that page you will find testimony of a CFS patient and links to articles about Breakspear's treatment programmes, research and supportive articles.

    You can also download a pdf of Breakspear's CFS/ME treatment programme booklet for an outline of our treatment programme or you can request a hard copy of the booklet via snail mail by completing an on-line form from .

  • At 16 April, 2007, Blogger Webwriter said…

    Dear professional burnout and CFS inquirer,

    At Breakspear Hospital, we offer a wide range of medical assessments, investigation and treatment.

    Chronic fatigue syndrome is a complex condition with multifactorial aetiology and affects multiple organ systems. A lot of new research is confirming a wide range of measurable cognitive, cardiovascular, immunological and metabolic abnormalities in people with CFS. This is of course felt by the CFS/ME sufferer but may not be acknowledged by their health care professional.

    We aim to investigate these areas which are important in helping people understand the illness, but also to exclude or diagnose other concurrent conditions.

    In addition, we are able to measure the autonomic nervous response to physical exertion, and can thus have an objective measure of fatigability. Please look at our website for more details on the range of treatments we offer, including autonomic monitoring

    Enzyme Potentiated Sensitisation (EPD) can help some people reduce their food and chemical sensitivities, and improve their general tolerance to these. We offer Neutralisation therapy, which is a form of allergen specific low dose immunotherapy, which we find more helpful. EPD uses a fixed dose of antigen but our neutralisation is done only after the antigen dilution/dose is tested on the person to be sure that it suits him or her. The treatment is taken on a daily basis by the person and can be done at home.

    We do not provide talking therapies on site but would be able to refer a person onto other health care professionals providing treatment in this area.

    I hope this helps to answer some of your questions.

    Best wishes,

    Dr Christabelle Yeoh

  • At 18 July, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i am very concerned as I have recently spent over £1200 on a variety of tests at the breakspear as I suffer from cfs and have done for 18years .I am desperate to get better and have spent a fortune in the past on treatments which havent worked.I do not have a job and now I am panicking as I dont know if I can now afford the treatment,I used my late mothers inheritence money to pay for the test.I also had a shock as I met a fellow sufferer who recieved treatment at the Breakpsear 20years ago and it cost £28,000! Iam so anxious and dont know what to do

  • At 20 July, 2007, Blogger Webwriter said…

    Dear Anonymous (with £1200 worth of CFS tests),

    I am sorry that you feel so anxious about your first experience of the Breakspear Hospital.

    The care that we offer CFS sufferers is specialised and tailored to the individual needs of each complex case. We are privileged to be able to offer a wide range of specialist investigations, which are rarely available elsewhere. Regrettably, the cost of these specialist tests can be expensive, but can provide the doctors with a detailed picture of how your body is functioning and the underlying factors that may be attributing to your CFS. This enables the optimum treatment to be provided to you.

    There are a number of factors involved with CFS and each patient can respond differently to treatment, therefore it is hard for us to predict costs for a CFS sufferer. The majority of our patients do feel a considerable benefit from our treatment and many of them are able to resume active lives.

    Please be assured that the whole team at the Breakspear are here to help you. I can liaise with your doctor to determine the key treatments from those that may be recommended to you.

    If you would like to speak further about the ways that we can be of assistance, please feel free to contact me, Carly Day, the Patient Liaison Officer on 01442 261333 ext: 310 or at

  • At 27 January, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi fellow sufferers I was diagnoised with Sjogrens Syndrome in 1979 /antibodies in my blood attack all the glands that secrete mucous. I have very dry eyes ,mouth and diabetes controlled at the moment by diet.
    I am convinced that I also have an underactive thyroid gland but does not show up on a blood test.

    I suffer with severe pain every day and no amoubt of pain killers eases it. I was first diagnosed with polymyalgia now they say I have fibromalgia.

    Has anyone reading this been treated for Sjogrens or fibromalgia at The Breakspear Hosp. Was the treatment effective and roughly how much did it cost?

    I really must try something other than what my doctors are offering which is another lot of pain killers and a resigned look which clearly says just go away.

    Reading all these comments it is clear that The National Health service has no answer to our problems and doesn't want to know. Why should we have to pay for treatment. My doctors have paid out a fortune in hospital admissions, appointments, medicines, many of these made me worse and many of them I threw out.I am sure this applies to fellow sufferers. I always feel worse after a visit to the doctor because of their uncaring attitude.

    We should unite as a group and request funding for our syndrome.

  • At 01 February, 2008, Blogger Webwriter said…

    Breakspear Medical Group's Medical Director submitted the following:

    We recently had an anonymous inquiry from a patient who has sought an opinion from one of the doctors at Breakspear. The patient asked about an estimate we provided for the cost of a treatment programme and the possibility of prioritising some of the investigations. We would like to discuss this directly with the patient as it is impossible to comment without knowing the patient’s medical condition.

    The same patient also asked why our charges for investigations appear to be higher than those charged by the laboratories performing the tests. The price our patients pay includes a fee for phlebotomy, shipping the samples to the laboratories, administration and accounting, and reporting to the patient’s GP as appropriate. The enquirer commented specifically about “ELISA” testing; this is a testing technique employed by many laboratories, it is quite likely that the prices quoted are not for tests conducted by the same laboratories, as we use laboratories for their specific expertise. We would be happy to discuss the investigations we recommend.

  • At 17 April, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I have mcs, when I come into contact with a variety of chemicals severe depression is triggered. This happens with perfume cleaning products petrol etc. I have had CFS for six years and had depression for a number of years previous to this. I dont know what to do is this something you could help me with? What are your thoughts on taking an antidepressant in such a case,I am onnutritnal antidepressants which help but mcs cuts through. wouldthis not also be case on an ati d? What might the underlying mechanism be, does anyone know?
    sensetive of Guilford

  • At 23 April, 2008, Blogger Webwriter said…

    Dear sensetive of Guilford,

    Thank you for your message.

    Our experience is that depression can be caused by sensitivities or intolerance to foods. We have observed that treatment of food intolerance, either by complete avoidance or by low dose immunotherapy, will alleviate the symptoms of depression. Food intolerance can also cause the various symptoms related to chronic fatigue syndrome.

    Multiple chemical sensitivity occurs when the immune responses become more marked to environmental challenges such as perfume and other chemicals. The response that is triggered by chemicals can be similar to that triggered by foods. Therefore the symptom of depression can be induced by any triggering environmental challenge, whether it is a chemical or food. Therefore, it is necessary to address food sensitivities when treating chemical sensitivity. We treat a large number of patients with chemical sensitivity, and the response is better when a range of underlying sensitivities are addressed (using low dose immunotherapy). This is known as lowering the total allergic load and is a key point in treating this condition.

    It is not possible to comment on whether you should take anti depressants or not. It may be very helpful to help with your symptoms, but without knowing more about your condition, I am unable to comment on whether it would suit you as an individual or not.
    Antidepressants help with symptoms, but do not address the underlying cause for why you are be chemically sensitive, fatigued and feeling low.

    Many kinds of reactions have been observed and documented with regard to chemical sensitivity. The symptoms are different from individual to individual. The underlying mechanisms are related to neurological dysfunction, immunological dysfunction, suboptimal metabolic function and genetic individuality, and is complex.

    This is just a very brief explanation of what we can do to help with chemical sensitivity. We would be happy to help if you need more information. Please telephone to speak to one of our staff if you would like to consider attending Breakspear hospital for more advice.

    Dr C Yeoh

  • At 09 July, 2008, Blogger Will said…

    Hello, I was wondering if Breakspear has ever treated patients with candidal hypersensitivity i.e. Allergic reaction to candida die-off toxins rather than straighforward candida die-off?

    If so roughly how many treated for this sort of thing? Whats the rate of success? What kind of treatment do you use?

    I believe this is my problem as I have not been able to make progress with anti-fungal medication (even in v.low doses).

    I am keen to get well but less keen to throw good money after bad in my quest.

  • At 20 August, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    My Husband has M.E.and has been treated at Breakspear for the past 18 months, Dr Yeoh is his physician. This is not a quick fix. He has to follow a special diet as well as take vaccines every day along with supplements.He must manage his energy levels closely. Our G.P. is very supportive but of course there is no financial help by the NHS.
    The treatment is expensive, however if we were living in the USA I am sure it would be considered cheap.He is much better than he was 18 months ago and I cannot praise the staff at Breakspear enough, they are brilliant !
    Due to a change in circumstances the funding of my husbands treatment from now will be difficult if not impossible to find but Breakspear could not exist if it did not charge for treatment as the NHS offer nothing in the way of help for CFS/ME sufferers.
    The proof that the treatment at Breakspear works is with many people who have has their lives improved. I just wish the NHS would recognise it.
    If anyone would please contact me if they have any ideas about securing funding by the local PCT's or if any one would like some info or support(from a fellow sufferers wife !) Please blog with your e mail and I will contact you.

  • At 09 December, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    About 6 weeks ago I started waking up regularly feeling that my upper lip was swollen - nothing major just a bit odd. Antihistamines seemed to keep at bay initially but it seems to be getting worse and spreading to swollen lips, nose and eyes with a rash,facial numbness, tiredness and itching diagnosed as angio oedima.I have been on a course of steroids for the last 10 days which seem to be helping but not clearing it up. What would Breakspear suggest?

  • At 10 December, 2008, Blogger Webwriter said…

    Dear swollen upper lip sufferer,

    The symptoms that you have described may certainly be related to angioedema, although it is less common for angioedema symptoms to be prolonged and for it not to respond well to steroids. Nevertheless, it sounds like an allergic response and it is likely that the reaction is being provoked by a number of factors and may not be due to a single event, which is partly why the triggers are difficult to identify.

    At Breakspear we go through an in-depth medical, social, environmental and dietary history in order to identify the likely causes for the symptoms. We would also advice testing for food and inhalant allergens by the modified Miller Method, which helps to identify allergies that standard skin prick and RAST testing will not. Following allergy testing, we would desensitise to the allergies using low dose immunotherapy, which can very helpfully ameliorate symptoms.

    Should you wish to consider this or discuss your condition with us, we would be very happy to help. The treatments offered at Breakspear Hospital can be taken in conjunction with steroid. If the symptoms return when the steroids have stopped or are being weaned off, it would be helpful to treat the allergies first as described, and we will slowly tail off the steroids.

    I hope this is helpful. Please contact Reception 01442 261 333 if you wish to see a doctor at Breakspear Hospital.

    Best regards,

    Dr Christabelle Yeoh

  • At 26 December, 2008, Blogger AKASH said…

    My doctor said I am suffering from "ANGIO-OEDIMA".I wan to know about the medicine & treatment procedure.
    Please suggest me because here all doctors are failed to cure it.

    Thank You.
    Ms.Sagarika Mishra.

  • At 02 January, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Why does the Breakspear not reply to some of the questions here? Some questions have been here for many months.

  • At 12 January, 2009, Blogger Webwriter said…

    Dear Anonymous regarding why Breakspear has not responded to some posts and those who are looking for the answers,

    I offer my sincerest apologies that some of the questions posted do not have responses. If questions are left with return email addresses, they are sure to be answered directly. However, unfortunately a few queries still need to be addressed on this platform.

    I found the following queries which were previously unanswered and have received responses from our Clinical Team:

    Q: Hello, I was wondering if Breakspear has ever treated patients with candidal hypersensitivity...?

    A: Yes, Breakspear has had experience with treating patients who have problems with both overgrowth of candida as well as sensitivity to candida or its toxins.

    We would neutralise (using low dose immunotherapy) the sensitivity to candida and moulds, treat with supplements or intravenous liver support to allow the liver to cope with toxin release and treat candida with a strict diet and the careful use of a range of antifungals.

    The results are good if the various important factors are addressed fully.

    Often a person with this increased sensitivity state can also be sensitive to the actual antifungal used, which may be interpreted as sensitivity to candidal toxins. We would also neutralise any sensitivities to medication (as we do to chemicals, inhalants and foods). Overall, this approach gives a person as much protection as possible in terms of reducing reactions, and allows us to move forward to treating candida.

    Q: How do I convince my GP(s) to really help [with my fibromyalgia]?

    A: We are very sorry to hear of your struggle getting help from doctors you have seen and sorry to say that this is a common problem as fibromyalgia is not fully understood and seems to have many related immune, inflammatory and infectious factors which underlie the problem.

    Because the actual causes have not been fully embraced, the treatment currently available is very much based on giving drugs to alleviate symptoms. The fact is that GPs do not have much time and this is a complex problem.

    Breakspear a small private hospital and have developed an approach to treating fibromyalgia which is based on firstly testing to find the underlying causes. We would then treat infections (such as Mycoplasma, viruses, Borreliosis, Chlamydia) with antivirals/ antibiotics and address the underlying immune dysfunction using diet, supplements, IV's, detoxification therapies and so on.

    There are some GP's out there who are more willing to listen. There are many articles in the scientific literature which point to underlying physical (not psychological) problems with fibromyalgia. It may be helpful to change your GP if you are not getting the support you need.

    If you are able to, it would be worth attending Breakspear Hospital for tests- particularly for infections and for food sensitivity states which can also contribute to this severely. Please take this proactive step, as your regular doctor may not have the experience on treating fibromyalgia in the way that we do.

    Q: My mother is dying, she is literally starving to death… Please help in any way, to suggest anything, to put her case to the Breakspear Trust, anything. We are so desperate for help.

    A: (A response has been sent to the email addresses provided, however, we would like to post an excerpt from that email from Dr Christabelle Yeoh.)

    I am very sorry to hear of your mother’s condition. Not knowing your mother’s case, it sounds as though she is complex and very ill if her body is unable to tolerate nutrients. You said that your mother has been here [to Breakspear] before, so I presume she has seen a doctor here. Depending on what the problems are now, and what the recommended steps may be for treatment, the cost can be very variable. By all means please apply to the Breakspear Hospital Trust fund if you need some help. You will have to contact Breakspear Hospital (ring the switchboard/ reception) and ask for the relevant application forms...

    Please accept my/Webwriter's apology for the delay in the postings and feel free in the future to resend queries or email them directly to:

  • At 13 January, 2009, Blogger Webwriter said…

    Dear Ms Mishra,

    Angio oedema is a condition which describes an allergic response where the face or parts of the face become swollen. This condition is often immediate in response to an allergy such as to antibiotics or other drugs, bee stings, nuts or other foods. However, sometimes this condition is rather more insidious and comes on gradually, such that the allergic trigger is hard to identify.

    At Breakspear Hospital, we can help to identify the triggers for the allergic response, if not already known, and we would use low-dose immunotherapy to treat the allergy. Allergy testing is done by intradermal skin testing (not skin prick testing) and is a more sensitive way to test for allergies. When the allergens have been tested (for example a range of suspected foods or inhalants), low-dose immunotherapy is taken as a daily treatment . This is a way to address the underlying cause of the allergic symptom(s)rather than relying on steroids or antihistamines to treat the symptoms alone. We find that low-dose immunotherapy is a very effective way to treat angio-oedema.

    Please do no hesitate to give us a ring to obtain more information on coming to Breakspear for a consultation and treatment.

    Best wishes
    Dr Christabelle Yeoh

  • At 21 January, 2009, Blogger d said…

    I wonder if your allergy consultants have ever heard of a case of someone being allergic to a substance even when it is sealed. In this case the sufferer is allergic to watermelon - but even when it is in the fridge. Unless we accept that some molecules are lingering the air from when it was brought into the room, this observable allergy appears to defy physics. Can you help or is it a job for a psychiatrist?

  • At 22 January, 2009, Blogger Webwriter said…

    Webwriter comment: The question of an extreme allergy to watermelon or psychiatric help has surfaced before and below I am reprinting Dr Yeoh's response:

    Thank you for your message. Certainly, such allergic reactions are extremely uncommon, but has been heard of.

    For example, it is known to exist within acute severe peanut anaphylaxis, where a person can react acutely to the presence of peanuts being eaten nearby, in the same room. It is also known to occur with mould spore allergies where even a few spores in the air can cause a reaction. Of course, it is always hard to know for sure what the real trigger is when the allergen seems so far removed from the person suffering the response. However, it is a phenomenon we have come across.

    Generally speaking, if a person is so allergic, with such a heightened state of sensitivity, it is likely that they will also be reacting to other allergens in the environment including commonly eaten foods. These reactions may not be thought of as acute allergies, but can certainly contribute to many other insidious problems and immune reactions. We have found that identifying the day-to-day common allergens, and reducing them, or treating the allergies with low dose immunotherapy, can help to reduce the overall state of heightened sensitivity so that when an acute allergic response occurs, it is not so marked anymore.

    I hope this helps to throw a little light on your friend's problem. We would be happy to see him/her to advice further, as this problem requires an in-depth questioning and history taking.

    Yours sincerely,

    Dr Christabelle Yeoh

  • At 12 September, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi I am a 27 year old female, who has from the age of eight years of age suffered from ENT related illnesses. I have had everything out in my ears nose and throat that you possibly think off.
    In September 2006 I had my sinisus re-board and lost a lot of blood as a result of this I was informed by a specialist that I was lucky I did not die.
    As the years have progressed I am suffering form IB'S , acid stomach and bad craps in my stomach. I cannot eat a variety of food such as bread, butter and oranges these make my stomach worse.
    During this Summer from July - September I have been given a variety of antibotitics (for a suspected sinisus infection) and now I have been informed by the GP 's that they don't konw what I have. I am very angry at this because I have issued P for Neuropathic Nerve Pains in my face and they are not even sure of what my condition is. In the mean time my stomach is crapping up and I have discomfort in my lower gut.
    I have spent several hours on the internet today trying to understand more about sinsusistis and the causes. I am trying to find out the root of the problem so that I can live a life without pain and discomfort. My condition has got worse of the years, all my face muscles hurt, my eyes have floaters on a regular bases, I have high pressure in my ears, my jaws and teeth hurt and are sensitive. I have good teeth and no real dental work done on these. At present I am grinding my teeth due to the intense pain that I am suffering. (I have been told by top ENT Consultants that I have a very high pain thresh hold and at present I am not copying with the pain.) I was informed by an GP that allergies may be a trigger but he unsure.
    22 Operations later and over many years of suffering I have decided to take matters into my own hands and I am trying to contact someone somewhere who can help me get to the root of my current problems. At least then I will have tried!

  • At 16 September, 2009, Blogger Webwriter said…

    Dear 27 year old ENT-related illness sufferer,

    Thank you for posting your problems. I am very sorry to hear of all that you have gone through.

    What you are describing is a fairly common clinical picture seen in environmental clinics such as Breakspear Hospital. It is not usually possible to pinpoint one causative factor, but often a number of factors will lead to negative immunological triggers and neurological feed back cycles, which in turn lead to a whole range of symptoms which is multi organ, as the immune system and nerves are not related to 'compartmentalised' body parts.

    The factors involved usually include heavy metal toxicity (from chronic accumulation or acute on chronic exposure), multiple infections (particularly of the teeth, jawbones and nerves), multiple food and inhalant (airborne) allergic reactions and also chemical sensitivity. The metabolic issues that may underlie these clinical scenarios are often: poor natural killer cell immune function and/ or autoimmunity, poor liver detoxification pathways, poor nutritional status, poor antioxidant status, poor mitochondrial function. The neurological issues that underlie this include: autonomic dysfunction, which in itself can cause ALL organ systems dysfunction (muscle and nerve pain, skin, gut, temperature control, cognitive function, strength, breathing and oxygenation and more) and small fibre neuropathy (altered nervous sensations).

    I hope this helps to explain things but not frighten you with the number of things that can be involved with your sort of clinical picture. We find that many of these problems are solvable, even though they take time, effort and discipline, with multi pronged approach treatments (diet, detoxification, supplements, and medication). If you would like to get an opinion and assessment of what is going on, we would be very happy to see you. Please ring our Reception or speak to our Patient Liaison department if you need more help.

    With kind regards,

    Dr Christabelle Yeoh

  • At 20 December, 2009, Anonymous adult washcloths said…

    This sounds it has a honest desire to serve the society.Thanks for the lovely information shared here.

  • At 21 January, 2010, Anonymous Allen said…

    Hello, you have tried to your best. I agree with you and really liked it. Great effort... Keeps it up!!!!

  • At 05 February, 2010, Anonymous Ravi said…

    Thanks for the good blog and information. I like very much your blog. This is nice collective and referencing information. Great keeps it up!!!!!!!!!

  • At 13 February, 2010, Anonymous DanielJ said…


    my wife is ill with chemical poisoning and is reacting to all foods and even all waters is there anything you can do to help?

    thanks, Daniel.

  • At 15 February, 2010, Blogger Webwriter said…

    Hi Daniel,

    Thank you for your posting; I will forward to one of our doctors for further comments.

    In the meantime, you may wish to visit which describes what Breakspear Hospital can do for allergies and sensitivities, including chemical sensitivities.

    I am confident that Breakspear Hospital can help your wife and I recommend booking an appointment to discuss her condition with specialist doctor in order to get her health sorted quickly.

    Kind regards,


  • At 17 February, 2010, Blogger Webwriter said…

    Hi Daniel,

    Sorry to hear about your wife; such situations are more common these days.

    In terms of broad advice, it is essential that your wife keeps eating. Many toxins are pushed into the fat cells as a protective mechanism. Although it is not ideal to retain the toxin, it does prevent it from staying in the blood or other tissues. So we do not want her losing weight and re-releasing the toxin back into her system. Keep feeding her anything she can tolerate – and keep the calories up!

    The same applies for exercise or exertion. Even if she is feeling a bit better, advise her to take it easy, gentle walks and no anaerobic exercise.

    She may also find hot showers and baths difficult; keep them cool.

    Otherwise, it is a case of reducing exposure to other chemicals. During this reactive phase she will acquire sensitivities to other chemicals, and these sensitivities take time to resolve. No processed food, preservatives and the like. Organic would be wise at the moment.

    In terms of remedies for some relief during particularly bad times, such as Andrews liver salts, make your own out of sodium bicarbonate. One quarter teaspoon sodium bicarb + 0.5gms to 1 gm Vitamin C (again, as pure as you can get), drunk in a glass of water can often alleviate the reaction for a short time. Repeat up to four times per day.

    I cannot advise further. I assume she is under the care of a physician. If not, she needs to be!

    Hope this helps and she recovers soon.

    Dr Daniel Goyal
    Breakspear physician

  • At 27 February, 2010, Blogger Herrien said…

    Nice post, thanks for sharing this wonderful and useful information with us.

    Green Tea

  • At 03 March, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I would like some advice on treatment for Lyme disease - I think I may have had it for about a year now and recently on the NHS had a month of doxycycline (200mg daily) treatment which doesn't seem to have made a lasting difference. I had a positive ELISA test and positive IgM on the Western Blot (but negative IgG)

    Am I being paranoid or should I be seeking further treatment? I still have a lot of symptoms - pain just to left of my upper spine, left shoulder and left side of jaw. Numbness over my face and often pins and needles in my left hand. Feel very spaced out all the time and generally "not well".

    I am worried about the costs of the Breakspear but I am more worried about the implications of feeling this ill forever. Could I be helped by further antibiotic treatment or will it not make a difference as I've had it for so long?

  • At 04 March, 2010, Blogger Webwriter said…

    Dear Lyme disease sufferer,

    If you were positive on the NHS ELISA and Western Blot, and the indications for doing the test (ie your symptoms) have not cleared, then you should be followed up by an infectious disease specialist or rheumatologist on the NHS.

    The decision regarding antibiotics depends on severity and how long you have had the symptoms (or bite if you can remember). The general consensus is that Lyme disease with neurological findings should be treated with intravenous antibiotics.

    Also, you should consider why you have not generated an IgG response. True, some people just don’t. However, it is important that you get your immunoglobulin levels checked. Part of what we do at Breakspear Hospital is look at why some people don’t clear Lyme – nutrition and co-morbidities. We would be happy to support your NHS treatment with nutritional and environmental hygiene measures.

    Dr Daniel Goyal
    Breakspear physician

  • At 24 March, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi, I was diagnosed with PVF last may ('09), after contacting scarlet fever the previous december ('08) I am now back at college (after taking the year off) and struggling with things. I am a musician and practice is both mentally and physical draining. I try to do 2 hours work a day - but in reality I do maybe an hour every other day give or take depending on my schedule. I still can't do any form of exercise (pilates is the max) and then even if i am put on a trampette I manage about 1 min before being breathless. I used to be fit. I was temporarily refered to a hospital as I had breathing difficulties from last february till approximatly october, but they have now signed me off so I am seeing no one - and i feel I have been put in the box of 'PVF - deal with it'. Is there any advice or help that anyone can offer? Many thanks

  • At 26 March, 2010, Blogger Webwriter said…

    Dear PVF sufferer,

    Thank you for your post. A large number of patients at Breakspear Hospital come with a story similar to yours. Most people, and indeed doctors, assume that when we get an infection, we'll just get over it and it is a matter of time.

    Post viral fatigue ends up being the label for those people whose problems continue for 'unknown reason'. But what we find, after testing patients of this nature, is that there is underlying immune dysfunction, hence the difficulty in kicking the infection fully.

    The ongoing bacterial or viral infection then puts a major strain on the immune and nervous system, leaving the person having to pace their activity (both mental and physical) stringently.

    There are several ways to overcome the infection, to help the immune system and to stabilise the nervous system. This is the broad approach that we take at Breakspear Hospital. We perform tests to identify areas of immune and nutritional deficiencies and infection testing. If necessary, we will also test the autonomic nervous system as this is the part of the neurological system that is under strain in PVF/CFS. We use a combination of treatments which include dietary approaches, nutritional supplements, herbs, antibiotics/antivirals, allergy treatments and oxygen where necessary.

    We would be very happy to help you if you would like to visit us.

    With best wishes,

    Dr Christabelle Yeoh

  • At 08 April, 2010, Blogger tapestry said…

    I was a patient at Breakspear over a few years, and have made many improvements. The underlying problems were chemical. As a child on my father's farm we were exposed to insecticides (fly spray) in cow sheds and milking parlour, and over a life time (now 55) this has damaged the nervous system losing capacities of all kinds.

    My father suffered Parkinsons over 15 years until he died and my brother has suffered chronic fatigue since 19 years old. So relatively I have been luckyish.

    But the one thing that the Breakspear has not been able to sort out so far is that if I exercice (I still have good energy output) it completely hammers me, as I cannot recover.

    My oxidant processing capacity is severely reduced, I am told by PCB blocking up Chromosome number 4, and even though the chemical has now gone, DNA replicates with the same faults, and can never get back to its correct form once chemically damaged.

    Is this for certain? Or are there new treatments coming available to overcome this very distressing condition. I would love to play football for an hour without it sending me into days of bodily stress, or a tennis match, or climb a mountain.

  • At 12 April, 2010, Blogger Webwriter said…

    Dear Tapestry,

    Thank you for your blog. We know that pesticide over -exposure can cause autonomic dysfunction. Dr Peter Julu at Breakspear Medical Group is a specialist in the autonomic nervous system and has experience in testing people who have become ill with pesticides.

    Dr Julu reports a specific abnormality in over-exposed farmers and aircrew. (It may be helpful for you to know this so you might consider seeing him.) You may have autonomic dysfunction which is patchier and not that of a 'clear cut' pesticide induced dysautonomia.

    Either way, we would take all the steps necessary for full body detoxification. This includes detoxifying the cell membranes of all the cells in the body using a large range of nutrients to aid detox pathways as well as far infra red sauna and massage. If there are metal toxins, we would also perform chelation, if appropriate.

    Rehabilitation of the nervous system is certainly more challenging. I expect this is what is holding you back as it is autonomic dysregulation during and after exercise which is not allowing you to push your body.

    When dealing with the autonomic nervous system, we aim to do a range of supportive therapies such as breathing exercises of varying types, oxygen and/or carbon dioxide and varying relaxation techniques. Other therapies like cranial osteopathic work and acupuncture also have effects on the autonomic nervous system. The use of cell membrane nutrients alongside the treatment is also very important, such as phoschol, phos serine, evening primrose oil etc.

    If you would like more information, please talk to your doctor at Breakspear to discuss this further.

    Best wishes,

    Dr Christabelle Yeoh

  • At 10 June, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    somebody told me that you treat XMRV positive patients. Is it true and if so, what treatment do you offer?

    Thank you.

  • At 14 June, 2010, Blogger Webwriter said…

    Dear Anonymous XMRV,

    Yes, at Breakspear Medical Group we do treat chronic viral insults. Treatment depends on the clinical findings and degree of on-going viral activation. Due consideration is given to vitamin C and antivirals, as well as treating the reason the immune system has failed to clear the virus.

    Feel free to call and discuss your case.

    Dr Daniel Goyal

  • At 07 July, 2010, Blogger spacehoppa said…

    I just wanted to write to this blog to thank the Breakspear Hospital. I have been a patient of theirs for the past 11 months and their help has totally transformed my health.

    I have suffered with rheumatoid arthritis for the past 22 years, but since being diagnosed with Lyme disease and the subsequent treatment, my arthritis has gone into complete remission and I am able to lead a fairly normal existence, for the first time since I was a teenager.

    I am forever indebted to the team at Breakspear, and particularly Dr Daymond.

  • At 21 July, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear Breakspear Hospital,

    I have a relative with an autistic child and as always we are looking for anything to help them. A friend mentioned your hospital. Could you give me an idea of the research you use that supports your treatment of children with autism, and any evidence you have that your treatments work. Thanks

  • At 22 July, 2010, Blogger Webwriter said…

    Dear Relative of Autistic Child,

    Thank you for your email. I hope that you have visited our website and read the pages on ASD. On that page you'll find:

    At Breakspear Medical Group, we start with an examination of the patient’s medical and family history. It is usually then appropriate to conduct some investigations. If accessible, bloods are often taken to check for deficiencies of vitamins (particularly vitamin A and the B vitamins), minerals (such as zinc and selenium), omega levels, and other tests may be conducted to assess detoxification capacities. Sometimes it is appropriate to look for infectious agents, and quite often heavy metals must be screened. (Chelation therapy may be used to remove heavy metals.) Treating food and other allergies/sensitivities using low-dose immunotherapy may be beneficial as well. These basic investigations can help a significant number of children with neurodevelopmental delay.

    For some children, in addition to the above mentioned tests, it may be necessary to further investigate the child’s biomedical processes, as well as having the numerous referral pathways open. Whilst we endeavour to find a causative agent, on rare occasions, it is not appropriate to investigate a child for curative interventions and health optimisation interventions may be offered as an alternative.

    Parents often have a wealth of knowledge that is invaluable to our clinical team. By listening and understanding the parents’ observations and research, we then involve our dedicated medical research team and discuss ideas openly, which often results in a much improved outcome for the child.

    We offer a dedicated ASD medical team and most of the team are Defeat Autism Now! registered, which means that they have received training and are part of a Autism Research Institute dedicated to sharing knowledge, developing testing and promoting safe and effective treatments for a disorder that many medical professionals still consider untreatable. Visit for more information. ASD is a wide umbrella that encompasses a variety of symptoms and behavioural characteristics; every case of autism is treated individually because every case is different and requires individualised attention.

    We hope that your family member will consider talking to one of our consultants and learning more about the proposed treatments of the patient’s specific case.

  • At 12 February, 2011, Anonymous Southey said…

    Thanks for this wonderful post. I'm a health conscious guy and your article will be one of my new resource from now on.
    P.S I also have a blog about yeast infection and candida die off symptoms. If you want to learn more about the illness feel free to visit my site.

  • At 22 February, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Our 4 year old daughter got sick a year ago following exposure to mold. She is much better now, but didn’t fully recover. I was wondering if Breakspear Medical Group is familiar with Dr. Shoemaker’s diagnosis and treatment protocols and tests like TGF-β1, C4a, C3a, MSH, VEGF, MMP-9, MARCONs are available.


    Ebru Fenning

  • At 24 February, 2012, Blogger Webwriter said…

    Dear Mrs Fenning,

    The medical team at Breakspear are aware of Dr Shoemaker's work in this area but we do not perform most of the tests he uses in his treatment protocols. Dr Shoemaker focuses his assessments on blood and vision testing but we focus ours on the autonomic nervous system, as this is a key affected area of the body by biotoxins.

    After assessments, our recommended treatment depends on several detoxification therapies to enhance elimination through the liver/ GI tract, the skin and the kidneys. We may also advice other therapies to support any maladaptive changes in the autonomic nervous system which may have arisen from the original insult. We also consider blood assessments for inflammation and infection since these are factors contributing to biotoxins. If VEGF was abnormal, we would also consider therapies for increasing oxygenation as well as blood flow.

    I hope this helps to answer your question.

    Best wishes
    Dr Christabelle Yeoh

  • At 27 March, 2012, Blogger ma said…

    Dear Dr Daniel Goyal,
    I have been trying to contact you for more than 2 weeks now ,but could not. My son has heavy metals in his body and I would like to contact you to see his test results in order to agree on a protocol to follow to help him.
    I would be grateful if you could contact me on : as I need to discuss with you before comming to London as we live in a very far place.
    Thanks alot ..

  • At 28 March, 2012, Blogger Webwriter said…

    Dear Ma,

    Dr Daniel Goyal has decided to open his own Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) clinics in London, Manchester and Scotland. His new, independent practice will provide patients with his medical supervision and his highly trained team of nutritionists will provide bio-medical and nutritional support.

    Breakspear Medical Group is supporting Dr Goyal’s plan by recommending that his ASD patients’ parents or guardians contact him at his new organisation, Sincere Health, to which he is transferring his ASD practice. Dr Goyal’s ASD clinic at Breakspear will close by the end of June 2012 and will in contact with his patients before then.

    Breakspear will continue to provide follow-up appointments for Dr Goyal’s existing ASD patients until mid June, but cannot offer new patient registrations for ASD patients.

    If you would like more information about Dr Goyal’s new Sincere Health clinics or if you would like to make an appointment, please visit:, email: or telephone 0207 717 5408

    Kind regards,


  • At 08 August, 2012, Blogger Maxine said…

    Hi, I have been having treatment for lyme since 2010. I have had antibiotics and supplements but am still severly affected. I have autonimic dysfunction and Immunetherapy has been suggested. I have a few worries about this 1) if i start this and then cant afford to carry on will the sensitivity be worse after i stop the vaccines? I worry that i would get a reaction from the vaccine itself? I could only afford half a day (testing 3 items) could this make a real difference just choosing 3? Can the vaccine be in oral drops or injection?
    Thank you for your time in answering

  • At 28 August, 2012, Blogger Webwriter said…

    Dear Maxine,

    I suggest you try Histamine alone (part day testing); treatment can be either oral or injections. This can sometimes abrogate reactions and calm the Autonomic Nervous System.

    Most people do not get worse sensitivity on stopping vaccines although symptoms which they are capable of can recur.

    Dr Jean Monro

  • At 11 October, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear Breakspear

    Would you please consider my query (I am soon to make contact with you for direct assistance).

    Eight months ago (early 2012), I was fit and healthy. A stomach bug followed by shingles then hit me. I was also bitten on the calf at the same time and I am not too sure whether this is linked or not.

    Since then I have had a myriad of symptoms (lethargy, joint & muscle pain, stomach pain, dark circled eyes, muscle cramps/spasms, fibromyalgia type pain, numerous food intolerances (not previously noted) and now anxiety owing to the ongoing symptoms).

    I have had numerous NHS tests (lyme serology, endoscopy, colonoscopy, ultrasound (stomach), bloods etc) which have all come back negative. My doctors now wish to prescribe me with anti-depressants which I refuse to take.

    I have had a comprehensive stool analysis undertaken which has identified a colonisation of mould in my GI tact - the mould is called Mucor.

    I understand that the presence of mould can have a negative impact upon the body and the immune system. I am doing everything in my power to address this (no sugar, caffeine, processed food, alcohol - basically a candida diet, my diet is clean and is supplemented with green super foods, garlic, juiced vegetables, krill oil, Vitamins etc etc).

    Can you please advise me whether you can assist with this (a) address and remove the mould colonisation and (b) address my (I assume) low immune position?

    Many Thanks

  • At 12 October, 2012, Blogger Webwriter said…

    Thank you for your inquiry. We look forward to helping you receive further advice in the near future.

    The doctors at Breakspear all have experience dealing with a wide range of conditions and looking at the patient's full medical history, from childhood to the present, for a clearer picture of the causes and effects.

    Breakspear makes wide-ranging use of treatments for immune enhancement, detoxification and the treatment of chronic infection and we specialise in low-dose immunotherapy for the testing and treatment of allergy, intolerance and sensitivity to a wide range of trigger substances including foods, chemicals and inhalants.

    When you come for a consultation at Breakspear, please do bring any test results that you may already have. However, be aware that it is likely that further tests may be recommended, which may lead to discovery of underlying causes and also provide more information for the most appropriate and effective treatment programme.

  • At 28 March, 2013, Blogger Robbie Robb said…


    I have a copy of your price list and although my finances are very limited, I am considering coming for an assessment and to consider further options for treatment. My question is, do the prices for testing include a report on the results? I.e. if I have a whole days testing carried out, will what I pay include an understandable summary of the findings?
    Many thanks for all that you do. It's good to know someone understands these conditions!!!

  • At 04 April, 2013, Blogger Webwriter said…

    Dear Robbie Rob,

    Thank you for your posting. It may be best to clarify that all Breakspear patients start with a consultation with a doctor who will then recommend a treatment programme. Your personal treatment programme may include various investigations, allergy testing and treatment, nutritional analysis and/or prescriptions.

    Our staff will explain all of the charges to you and you will be given printed estimates before any fees are incurred.

    You will receive a copy of your test results and, depending on your results, you may also receive further treatment recommendations from your doctor.

    It is easy to set up an appointment with one of our doctors by calling 01442 261 333 option 1. Immediately after your consultation, the recommended treatment programme may then be discussed in greater detail with one of our Patient Liaison Officers, who will provide you with an estimate for your personal programme.

    I hope this answer helps!

    Kind regards,

    Web writer

  • At 06 September, 2014, Blogger AB said…

    Hi there,

    I have had chronic and severe brain fog, tinnitus, chronic fatigue, strained head/headaches, along with 'fullness' of the ears, a vibrating sensation, ear aches with fluctuating deafness and a 'dead feeling' in my ear and slight dizziness for about 10 years now. It started around the time of a bad case of labyrinthitis but I am unsure if that was a cause or a symptom of something else. It also happened about 6-10 months after returning from travelling around North America, New Zealand and Thailand (in case that is of relevance).

    I have been back and forth to the GP and am currently seeing a nutritionist but as of yet nothing has been of use. I have also been told it is due to anxiety and depression and that I have CFS although in my opinion that is all due to my illness as anyone would feel depressed and anxious. I am getting very desperate in my search which has pushed me towards non-NHS related treatment as this is ruining my everyday life and is a 24/7 issues that I cannot escape from.

    Do you think the clinic would be able to help me and how extensively can you search for hidden problems?

    Do your tests find any and every anomaly or is there a chance I would come away still unsure of my problem?

    Many thanks for you time,

  • At 30 September, 2014, Blogger Valentijn said…

    In your recent newsletter a patient asked for further suggestions on improving while continuing to suffer from "Chronic Fatigue". One of your doctors very enthusiastically recommended exercise, with no mention of the harm that can be caused to ME/CFS patients who attempt to exercise, nor the complete lack of physical benefits for that group.

    Does Breakspear distinguish between burnout, CF, CFS, and ME to any extent? Are the doctors there aware that a large majority of ME/CFS patients report being harmed by exercise? Have they read the research (conducted by pro-CBT/GET groups) which found no objective improvement in physical activity when measured via actometer?

  • At 06 November, 2014, Blogger Webwriter said…

    Dear AB,

    Very sorry to hear that you have had a variety of symptoms and didn't receive an earlier reply due to technical difficulties.

    At Breakspear Medical, each patient undergoes extensive assessment and a very detailed medical and lifestyle history is reviewed. With that information, your doctor can recommend a wide variety of test in order to find the cause (or causes) of your ill health and devise a custom treatment plan.

    Each patient is unique and sometimes there are a variety of conditions involved and therefore a wide-ranging approach is needed. Your doctor will recommend tests that he/she feels would be beneficial and you have the choice of the tests and treatments you embark on.

    We have many patients with similar sounding symptoms to yours and hope that you will consider coming to Breakspear Medical to discuss treatment possibilities with a member of our medical team.

  • At 06 November, 2014, Blogger Webwriter said…

    Dear Valentijn,

    Thank you for your comment on the newsletter about exploring additional ways to improve recovery from chronic fatigue in addition to using diet and nutritional supplements as the foundation. And thank you for reading our newsletter.

    Your comment was presented to the medical team and an extensive reply will be published in the upcoming newsletter, which will address your expressed concerns.

    The Q&A to which you refer was for someone who wrote that they were recovering from CFS, who wanted to do more. The answer section does not suggest or recommend excessive exercise for the individual but does provide information which explain the benefits of exercise.

    Thank you again for your interest in our newsletter and for letting us know your concerns, which we will be addressing in the newsletter soon.


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