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Breakspear Medical Group

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Welcome to Breakspear Medical Group's blog!

Breakspear Medical Group is a private day clinic specialising in allergy and environmental medicine.

We're inviting anyone who has experienced allergies, multiple chemical sensitivities, chronic fatigue, or any other environmental illnesses to post their experiences and/or thoughts on our blogspot.

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Recently this blogspot received a message from an anonymous commenter who expressed some concerns over the cost of the services Breakspear Medical Group provides. We’d like to address the concerns personally, but as there weren’t any contact details, we’re unable to.

However, as editor, I thought that I might just say that anyone who finds a significant price difference between any laboratory tests performed at Breakspear Medical Group and anywhere else in the UK should talk to us about it. If there is a significant price difference, it is most likely because they are significantly different tests.

Because in the UK we’re used to universal healthcare, it always seems very costly to have to pay for anything in the private health sector. Breakspear’s doctors prescribe a treatment programme on an individual basis and act with the patients’ best care in mind, admittedly without considering the costs. Each patient is given a patient management programme sheet after the initial consultation and before any treatment is given. This sheet explains what the doctor feels is the best line of treatment and care. If patients have any questions or need to seek advice on how to reduce costs, we have a dedicated Patient Liaison Manager to help. We have standard billing procedures and set prices for consultations and treatments. We also have a Credit Controller who will investigate any billing concerns.

Breakspear Medical Group is a family-run business with dedicated staff and has been in business for over 30 years. The company is driven by the passion of the Medical Director to help people with chronic conditions using treatments for allergy and environmental illnesses which are not available elsewhere. Breakspear has the only Manufacturing 'Specials' License laboratory in the United Kingdom producing these custom-made, unpreserved antigens. We offer quality tests and treatments that we feel are unequalled in our field of specialty medicine.